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Seahaven – part III

Posted in Recommendations with tags , , on June 6, 2010 by stevenreedkelly

Soooo… This would be post #3 on the band Seahaven.  3 posts?  What makes this band worth 3 posts, you ask?

Listen, it’s not very often that a band this young releases something this good.  I got their Ghost EP in the mail the other day and I’ve been listening to it frequently since then.  This is a band primarily of teenagers making music far above their grade.  Here, listen to the first track off the EP, “Plague” – it’s a mix of Brand New and Bright Eyes.

I hate track by track breakdowns of albums, so I’ll spare you that.  But this is a complicated EP.  While their peers Set Your Goals and HeartSounds are making offerings that are easily and wholly identifiable as pop-punk, Seahaven is taking a stab at mixing in some somber, brooding tracks too.

At 19 years old, I was far from writing the sort of mature songs that Seahaven has included on Ghost.

I understand that this band is hitting the road for the first time this summer.  If you want to hear more from this band – and I definitely do, make it a point to visit their MySpace page.  Mark your calendar when they’re coming to your area and make it a point to see them in concert.   Bands like this grow up to write compelling albums, but they need to be fostered and supported first.  That’s where you come in.

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A brief interview with Seahaven

Posted in Recommendations with tags , , on June 1, 2010 by stevenreedkelly

Last week, I mentioned that the band Seahaven had put out a new EP titled Ghost.  Their singer and guitar player, Kai, agreed to answer some interview questions about the band.  The Ghost EP is currently streaming on, so go have a listen!

OK, so who’s in the band and who plays what?
Kai: Vocals/Guitar, Michael: Guitar, Eric: Bass, James: Drums/Vocals

How old are you guys?
How do you generally describe your sound to someone who has never heard Seahaven before?

The new EP sounds really great – where’d your record it and who did the production?
We recorded at Castle Ultimate Studios in Fremont, CA. Aaron Hellam did the production.

What’s the songwriting process like for you guys?
Very tough question. Kai comes to the band with anything from a riff to a complete song, or Michael comes with a riff, and the band molds it into what is recorded.

What song means the most to each of you on the EP and why?
Michael: “Ghost” because it was the last song we wrote for the E.P. and it completed the whole picture.
Eric: “Cobarde” because it was the first song we wrote.
James: “Head in the Sand (Blinding Son)” because the lyrical content is very thick and I think it brings the E.P. to a nice close.
Kai: I honestly don’t know. I’m really sorry.

What does everyone’s gear setup look like?
Kai and Michael play Fender Telecasters through Bogners, Eric plays a Fender Jazz bass through an Ampeg, and James plays a Truth kit.

What do you guys make of the punk rock scene these days?
The scene died with Minor Threat in 83’. Haha.

Any current bands that you’d really like to share a tour with?
Crime in Stereo, Manchester Orchestra, Polar Bear Club, and our friends in SET YOUR GOALS, and HEARTSOUNDS.

Who are some of the bands that influenced you growing up?
Propagandhi, Brand New, A Fire Inside, Blink-182.

You guys are mostly playing shows on the West coast right now – when are you going to get out East?
As soon as possible! We’d love to get out there!!

Seahaven releases debut EP

Posted in Recommendations with tags , on May 25, 2010 by stevenreedkelly

I was trolling AbsolutePunk this morning to see what albums were being released today.  I found this band Seahaven (“for fans of Brand New or Crime in Stereo”?  Ok, I’m listening), who happens to be releasing their debut EP, Ghost, today.

I checked out the band’s MySpace page and listened to two songs (I suggest you check out “Birds”)… Solid stuff.  If I could buy a download of the album, I’d post one of them here to stream – but instead it looks like I can only pre-order a physical copy of the CD from the band’s label, Creator Destructor at the present time.  (Pre-order is still up on the release date?  C’mon!)

I pulled the trigger and paid $10 for a copy of the EP.  Cuz I like helping bands that don’t suck.  And this band definitely doesn’t suck.

At the very least, you need to follow this band on Twitter and go see them when they get around to your neighborhood (right now, all of the shows are in California).