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My wordpress, how you’ve changed!

Posted in Update with tags on January 8, 2013 by stevenreedkelly

Geez, you don’t post a blog entry in over a year and all of a sudden, the entire WordPress interface changes!  I’m in a bit of a creative rut at the start of 2013, and maybe I need to start writing (words and music) again.

In the meanwhile, check this out:

Dan Vapid & The Cheats – “In A Heartbeat”
I’ve been having a hard time finding new bands to pique my interest lately.  A friend on Facebook posted this song and I fell for it pretty hard.  It’s got the “Ramones Revival” sound from a lot of bands in the mid-90s, like the Queers, Chixdiggit or the Groovie Ghoulies.  I like it a lot.