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Bob Dylan is losing his mind… and I’m reaping all the benefits

Posted in Recommendations with tags , , , , on November 19, 2009 by stevenreedkelly

About a month ago, Columbia Records released a Christmas album by Bob Dylan.  Nothing really notable about that, I agree.  Well my roommate Jon took a listen to the album, only to find one of his favorite holiday tunes, “Must Be Santa”, redone by the folk legend.

The song itself is pretty silly, but hearing Bob’s nasally timbre all over this track really makes it “a win” according to my roommate.  For the month of October, before we had even discussed Halloween costumes, Jon was singing “Must Be Santa” daily.

Here’s the best part: Columbia records actually chose this song from the album as the “single” (Do they have singles from holiday albums?  Why not.) and they decided to shoot a video for it!  Fortunately for everyone, the video is as zany as the song itself.  Bob Dylan appears to be wearing some sort of wig and dancing around like a magical Christmas pied piper – clearly he’s lost a few marbles.  Mariah Carey, you better watch your ass – Dylan’s taking this modern holiday classic straight to the top of the charts!