Diamond Youth and Hop Along

Orange Get Disowned

I didn’t listen to a ton of new music in 2012 (which was very apparent after reading everyone’s “Best of” lists over the past month).  For the first part of the year, I was pretty wrapped up in releasing a couple projects for Sinking Ship Records (Another Year by Boardroom Heroes and Weekends, the final EP from Pinsky).  Then, after July, I was just kind of burnt out on punk rock… for a good 6 months.

I stumbled over a couple albums recently that piqued my interest again.  Thought that I’d share them!

Diamond Youth – Orange
This band used to be on Black Numbers and they were just called Diamond, but a few months ago, their name changed (slightly) and they signed to Topshelf Records.  Next week, they’re releasing Orange, a six-song EP (plus two live tracks).  They’ve already released a video for the song “Cannonball” though, and you can check it out below.  Very Peter-Gabriel’s-Sledgehammer-esque.

I love how polished this EP is.  It’s markedly different from a lot of the rough stuff that Topshelf usually releases.  And there is actual singing (not shouting), which is refreshing.  Something about the big arena rock guitars and fuzzy leads reminds of the mid-90s indie scene.  I think this band is going to catch on like wildfire this year.  I can’t wait to see them live in NYC.

Hop Along – Get Disowned
I’m also falling for this little album that I missed out on last spring.  Hop Along are from Philly – on Hot Green Records – and they play this loose, fuzzy, sometimes-ambient, sometimes-cathartic indie/punk music that is just really fantastic.  It’s not as polished as my previous pick, but that’s for the best.  They’re female-fronted, and I guess that’s probably a quick way to my heart.  Frances Quinlan (vocals/guitar) sings in and out of tune throughout Get Disowned, and it’s completely vulnerable and totally charming.


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