About once a year, I fall in love with an album that makes me want to start a career in arson.  In 2011, it’s Defeater‘s new effort, Empty Days & Sleepless Nights – a two headed giant of an album. 

Empty Days is actually the first 10 songs of the album.  It’s the hard stuff.  I think what makes this part such a treat is that, for something so rooted in hardcore, the music can be surprisingly light and ambient at times.  The guitars are bright and whatever was used to get that great overdrive sound – my god, its lush and gorgeous.

The last four songs make up Sleepless Nights – which is a collection of acoustic songs.  It’s a complete 180 from the first part of the album.  While the songs are still dark and moody, the instrumentation (jangly guitars, cellos, violins) and the vocals (sung rather than shouted)  sound like another band completely.

Here’s my favorite track on the album (so far), “Waves Crash, Clouds Roll”:

You can buy the album from Bridge Nine records here.


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