Now, Now

Hello friends.  It’s been a long time – I realized that today when I woke up to this message in my inbox:

To my loyal reader (singular), I apologize – been a little busy with Sinking Ship Records in the past few months.  But for the moment, things have settled… and I just paid to keep the Daily Riffage domain for another year, so I might as well dig back in!

In the past few months, my iPod has died – which leaves me seriously debilitated at work (I usually just hook it up to my computer and browse my library all day).  Without my iPod, I’ve been relegated to listening to tunes that I’ve purchased on this particular machine.  It’s given me a chance to really savor some albums that I would’ve probably neglected otherwise.

A good example of this is the Now, Now (formerly Now, Now Every Children) EP, Neighbors, that was recently released on No Sleep Records.  I bought the EP and then it kinda sat in my library for a while.  Last weekend, I burned the album onto a CD for a car ride from NYC to Penn State.  As soon as the second track kicked in, I knew this was another choice cut from No Sleep (they rarely disappoint).

I think the easiest way to describe Now, Now (for those of you who aren’t familiar yet) is maybe mixing Eisley’s midwestern (and creepy) vocals with Metric’s inherent moody atmosphere.  I’m actually very surprised by how similar Casie Dalager and Sherri DuPree (from Eisley)’s voices sound.  Now, Now has an undeniably more urban feel to their music though.

Neighbors starts with a short little instrumental intro piece and then storms into “Giants”, easily the best track on the album.  I think it’s probably the song’s strong rhythm emphasis that drags me in.  The drums are brilliant and the bass is fuzzy and chunky – they just move right along.  It’s a sublime track.

The next two songs, “Roommates” and “Jesus Camp” are slower, less rockin’ tracks.  I enjoy the dynamic range of the band, but these can be a little sleepy.  The EP picks back up with the title track, “Neighbors”, which isn’t as much of a burner as “Giants”, but it’s solid.  Now, Now rounds out the EP with acoustic versions of the best tracks, “Giants” and “Neighbors”.  The alternate versions are hauntingly beautiful.

I’m excited to hear a full length from this band – as they cover a lot of ground in this EP.  It’s surprisingly substantial for containing just 4 original songs (plus two alt versions and a short intro).  I highly suggest you check it out.

I’m posting my favorite track “Giants” below.


2 Responses to “Now, Now”

  1. Salutations! It is exceedingly pleasing to see you back in action, old friend! I must say, it is also nice to finally learn the name of your significant other…my search just got a little easier! Now, perhaps you can share; does she prefer bright colors or earth tones? I have designed some eveningwear that I would love to see her try on. Perhaps this can be the focus of your next post? I think that the spotlighted song in this post would make a wonderful soundtrack. Or Cradle of Filth. Either one.

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