Mindy White has a killer voice (and is pretty adorable).

I never really gave the band Lydia the time of day.  Their albums were always favorably reviewed on the sites I frequented, but when I attempted to listen, I always found the band a little too melodramatic (which is a hilarious thing for an emo kid to say).

Regardless, Mindy White – the female vocalist in Lydia – joined forces with two gents from Copeland to form States.  On a whim, I decided to give the band a shot today. The result is actually pretty captivating.  The music is dark and swelling and the vocals are top notch.  Their newest release, Line ‘Em Up, is only six songs, but it packs an awful lot of substance in just over 22 minutes.

Because they’re queens of a similar scene, I’m sure the band will garner comparisons to Paramore – but White lacks the bite of Hayley Williams.  Her style is more catered toward the delicate moments.

Check out this track, “Another Chapter”


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