Turning the world upside down (to find some perspective)

Runner Runner‘s self-titled debut album is about to come out.  It got slammed in Chris Fallon’s review on AP.net.  Having heard most of the songs already on several EPs that the band released, I’m not shocked.  At the end of the day, Runner Runner (formerly Over It – my favorite band) is not a punk band.  They’re not a rock band.  They’re a pop band for a demographic that no longer includes me.

And that’s ok.  I can accept that.  At the end of the day, the band is made of genuinely talented musicians and all-around nice guys who work really hard.  I wish them all the best.

I did have the opportunity to hear some very early demos from the band when they first started the endeavor though, and one of them has become a personal favorite.  It’s like the next logical step in Over It’s progress as a mature punk-influenced rock band. I often wonder how incredible the Runner Runner project would’ve been if they went in this direction.

Pete hinted that they might someday release another Over It album – but with Runner Runner blowing up, I won’t hold my breath.  Still – I’d be really excited to hear a fully realized (yet minimally tricked out/glossed over) version of this. I hope you guys enjoy!


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