Truly Delightfully Pleased!

Well eff my see!  I’ve been looking forward to this new Punchline album all summer and you know what?  It was totally fucking worth it.

Quite honestly, when is the last time you were looking forward to an album – and then it didn’t leak and you were forced to sit tight and have some patience?  And then after all that anticipation, the album matched and exceeded your expectations…

(Seriously – when’s the last time that happened to you?  Cuz I can’t remember.)

It feels great!

So maybe a few of you have read my extensive article about Punchline a few months ago.  I’d probably still maintain that Action was the band’s strongest showing – and even though the guys haven’t released a disappointment in the last two albums, they haven’t been contenders to the throne.  But with Delightfully Pleased, it’s like they’ve taken all the songwriting and production experience and married it with one of the key elements that has been missing – the Steve/Paul vocal combo, evident on my favorite track on the album, “Coyotes in B Major”.  I can already tell that after some rumination, this might end up being considered the band’s most focused album to date.

And for those longtime fans, go ahead and see if you can spot the vocal reference to the band’s Rewind EP.

Gone are the experimental numbers from Just Say Yes.  Personally, I don’t miss them too terribly much.  Instead, Punchline churn through pop gems and punk hooks that you haven’t heard yet this year.  It feels good to sink your teeth into something that’s sweet – but not too sugary.  And Chris, Steve and Paul are seasoned enough to walk that line perfectly.

Buy the album.


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