Stirling Says

I got an email last week from Seth, the bassist for the band Stirling Says.  He asked me to check out the band and post about them if I liked what I heard.  Now, I don’t want to sound shallow, but my first impression was that these guys did not look like three gentleman that you might find in a rawkin’ punk band.  Go ahead and visit their MySpace page right now.

My friends, looks can be deceiving.

The guitars, the bass and possibly even the drums are soaked in fuzzy goodness.  The vocals remind me of a cat in heat.  I know none of that sounds flattering or appealing, but it’s awesome.  I promise.  I could not have been more shocked – or pleased.

According to the Seth, they take most of their influences from 90s indie-rock bands like Dinosaur Jr., Superchunk, Built to Spill and Husker Du, “but we tend to be a little rougher around the edges whenever possible.  Our live show is a lot louder than our recordings.”  I think  it even has a lot of the elements of 80s hardcore in it.  I’ll post a song below, don’t worry.

In the interest of all the guitar geeks out there, I also asked Seth about their gear since there are some pictures on their Myspace of some pretty exotic looking guitars.  Axe-man Lucas uses a Burns guitar (sometimes a Jazzmaster), Catalinbread Supercharged OD (which they don’t make anymore to the best of my knowledge) and a Blackout Effectors Musket Fuzz through an Orange AD-30 head.  Seth uses a Univox Dan Armstrong copy from the 70s fuzzed up with a simple Boss Super Overdrive.  I’m sure they’d find a way to run everything else through a fuzz box if they could.

Stirling Says released their debut album Balboa last summer – you can actually download the whole thing for free here!  If you like what you’re hear, you can get the album on vinyl from Adagio 830 recordings.  The band is in the studio working on material for a forthcoming EP – I’ll be sure to post again when that release is planned!

Here’s a taste of Stirling Says.  It’s a track off Balboa called “Tatianna”.


One Response to “Stirling Says”

  1. Musket Fuzz, eh? In many circles it’s common to trim down your musket fuzz, even shave it. I myself prefer to keep it nice and thick.

    What about the howitzer fuzz? That I try to keep neat, you know? I need all the help I can get keeping that region palatable.

    Great post today, I’m glad we’re finally reaching out to my community.


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