I got badly sunburned on my trip to the beach on Saturday – so today’s the perfect day to sit around and blog a little bit.

My recommendation for the day comes from a band that started following me on twitter (  I hadn’t ever heard Pacifica, but after some investigation, I found out that they’re giving away their brand new EP for free on their website – which is always a great way for new bands to gain a fanbase.

According to their bio, Pacifica hail from Hawaii – although they’re recently packed up and moved to Southern California.  Based on their name, locale and the spiritual pose they’re striking on their website, I expected Pacifica to sound like some dub/reggae band – I was pleasantly surprised by the prog-rock that came through my speakers.  The band sounds like equal parts of Thrice, Incubus and Circa Survive – with swirling feedback and effects-heavy guitars (the pictures of various pedalboards on the bands website are evidence of this).  Kika Diama’s vocals howl like a higher version of Brandon Boyd.  And finally, the rhythm section is tight and frantic – so it’s safe to say that all parties involved are extremely talented.

The band’s new EP, The Process of Illumination, is a brief listen at only 4 tracks, but they all sound professionally recorded and at the price of FREE, you really can’t lose.  You can download the EP here.  You can also leave an optional donation via PayPal for the band if you’re digging the tunes, so be a decent human and drop Pacifica a few bucks for their art.  To tantalize your musical tastebuds, here’s an audio glimpse of their new EP titled “Trading Sleep”:


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