Spontaneo releasing debut album next Tuesday.

Ah, Pittsburgh.  My home.  Home of several other things I like – such as Primanti Bros. sandwiches, the Pittsburgh Penguins, the band Punchline and also my parents.  All of those things start with the letter “P”.  Here’s something that doesn’t though – Spontaneo.  They’re the most recent signing from Modern Short Stories (a label started by Steve Soboslai of the aforementioned Punchline.)

Spontaneo, at the core, is a pop rock band.  Before you start cringing, I have to admit that everything I’ve heard from this band tastefully walks the line of being expertly crafted and produced without sounding too glossy.  I spent a few minutes trying to think about who they sound like – I wanted to say Weezer, but that’ll offend someone.  And Weezer sucks these days, so that’s not fair.  I wanted to say Ultimate Fakebook, but that’s slightly obscure and they’re a little more dissonant than Spontaneo.  There’s not a band that comes to mind that can write mid-tempo songs with hooks this big besides maybe Punchline themselves (on their lighter numbers) – and I’m not entirely convinced that Spontaneo doesn’t do it better!

Comparisons aside, Spontaneo is an awesome band that warrants your time and consideration.  Their debut album, For Those Who Can Whistle, is being released on next Tuesday, June 29th and you can pre-order a copy for a paltry $9.99 here.  For a limited time, if you buy the album, Punchline will send you a track from their upcoming album.  (Way to leverage your popularity and market a relatively unknown band!)

Also for the time being, you can download 3 free Spontaneo tracks by signing up for the Modern Short Stories mailing list here.  There’s nothing I love more than free music.  Except maybe Primanti Bros. sandwiches.

To persuade you to give this band a shot, here’s the first single from their upcoming release, titled “Bad Weather”.


One Response to “Spontaneo releasing debut album next Tuesday.”

  1. And they have an awesome video coming out for Bad Weather Tomorrow night!

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