It’s a face that only a mother could love.

You know… sometimes if you give hipsters a chance, they’ll surprise you!

My friend Charlie asked me to go see a show in Williamsburg by this daffy-looking cross between Richard Simmons and Napoleon Dynamite.  His name is Darwin Deez – and he’s possibly the most unfortunate looking guy I’ve ever seen.  At first glance, I was sure that this show was going to be packed to the rafters with silly looking Brooklynites donning hi-tops and skinny jeans.  Despite my reservations, I agreed to check it out.

Well, I’m happy to admit that Charlie and I ended up getting wrecked and having a great time.  More importantly, the show wasn’t crowded at all (reinforcing my belief that hipsters just don’t know what good music is) – and Darwin Deez was incredible!  I think we may have even danced.

At my request, Charlie sent me the album a week later.  It’s full of these little pop gems – all with these incredibly imaginative lyrics (for example, a post-apocalyptic love song and a track about losing your chromosomes) – set to the sound of a Squier Stratocaster (and I’ve never heard one sound so musical).  Deez recorded the entire album in his apartment on his own computer – which is a big slap in the face to all those recording spaces for rent in the outer boroughs.  And while this album is taking off in the UK (I hear he has like three different singles at radio right now) no one in the states really knows who this guy is!

Yesterday, I spent most of my drive from Pittsburgh to NYC (7 hours) listening to the album.  Coincidentally, yesterday Darwin Deez released the second video from the album for a song called “Up in the Clouds”.  It must be serendipity – watch this video and check out this ridiculous (and ridiculously catchy) guy.


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