Tigers Jaw

The more I look, the more I’m finding great bands that buck the neon trend and keep the old sound of 90s punk and emo alive.  Case in point – today’s highly recommended listen, Tigers Jaw.

What I like about Tigers Jaw is that they send me straight back to my high school days when I was soaking up everything released by Vagrant Records.  It’s the constant dual vocals and attempts at harmonizing throughout their songs – kinda like if the Anniversary had kicked out Adrianne Verhoeven and instead had two guys sing-speaking over each other.  It’s the fact that their songs are quick little poppy numbers that sometimes have no discernible chorus – but they’re still catchy as hell!  The band rocks – but they’re not overly passionate or theatrical.  It’s emo. It’s really really really good emo.  How often can you say that these days?

The band’s latest release is a split EP with Balance and Composure, another up-and-coming band from Eastern PA.  You can pick up a copy of the split here!

Here’s my favorite Tigers Jaw song, “Jet Alone”.


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