Grown Ups (not the movie)

I don’t know what’s inspiring young punks to lay off the distortion pedals these days… but I like it.  I like it a lot.

I was reading an article yesterday on the album Through Being Cool‘s far-reaching impact (even though Saves The Day sucks now) from an Indianapolis webzine.  Somewhere in the article, they mentioned a home-grown band, Grown Ups – and that’s how I ended up with today’s recommendation.

Clean guitars seem odd to someone who is conditioned to think that punk rock and distortion go hand-in-hand, but this band makes me reconsider what I’ve been taught.  The instrumentation in Grown Ups songs is complicated and noodly.  Tracks might be a little sloppier than someone like A Great Big Pile of Leaves – but it’s just as mathy, fast as hell, and the songwriting is really damned complex.  Besides, this is punk rock.

I will say this:  Grown Ups aren’t for the faint of heart.  In fact, if you were never a fan of a band like Audio Karate, then I can’t guarantee that you’re going to dig Doyle Martin’s gruff-yet-shrill vocals.  But when I rant about how the trendy, neon-wearing “pop punk” bands of today have no teeth – this is what they’re missing.  Grown Ups sound angry.  They sound edgy.  This band isn’t a fucking fashion trend displayed on a stage like department-store mannequins with guitars.

Grown Ups scream like banshees and rock hard as hell – they just happen to do it on the clean channel.

Support good music.  Go buy the band’s new album More Songs (available on vinyl, CD & digital download) here.

My favorite song on the album so far, “Surprise Party”


2 Responses to “Grown Ups (not the movie)”

  1. This post gave me the pee shivers.

  2. This post gives me the pee bleeding. Well, it’s either the post of the gonorrhea. Either way!

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