A little maintenance.

In an effort to make this site look a little less amateur, I’ve been making some changes lately!

Step 1.  I created a site-specific email account.  If you know a band or you’re in a band (or you pedal some sweet guitar goods) that might deserve a little more recognition – feel free to email me at dailyriffage@gmail.com.  I love hearing new music and seeing new gear.

Step 2.  I created a twitter account for the site.  You can follow me here.  Seriously… it would help me look a lot less pathetic if I had more than 5 followers.

Step 3.  This one’s my favorite.  You may notice that the header banner looks quite a bit snazzier – my wonderful and talented friend, Amanda Jane Kloos, was kind enough to whip up a professional looking header for me!  That axe is my old Gibson LG-1 – even though most of you know I’m a Fender guy.

Thanks Amanda!  You are an awesome graphic designer!  And a great friend!


One Response to “A little maintenance.”

  1. Yay! Thanks, Steve. Looks great 🙂

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