Seahaven – part III

Soooo… This would be post #3 on the band Seahaven.  3 posts?  What makes this band worth 3 posts, you ask?

Listen, it’s not very often that a band this young releases something this good.  I got their Ghost EP in the mail the other day and I’ve been listening to it frequently since then.  This is a band primarily of teenagers making music far above their grade.  Here, listen to the first track off the EP, “Plague” – it’s a mix of Brand New and Bright Eyes.

I hate track by track breakdowns of albums, so I’ll spare you that.  But this is a complicated EP.  While their peers Set Your Goals and HeartSounds are making offerings that are easily and wholly identifiable as pop-punk, Seahaven is taking a stab at mixing in some somber, brooding tracks too.

At 19 years old, I was far from writing the sort of mature songs that Seahaven has included on Ghost.

I understand that this band is hitting the road for the first time this summer.  If you want to hear more from this band – and I definitely do, make it a point to visit their MySpace page.  Mark your calendar when they’re coming to your area and make it a point to see them in concert.   Bands like this grow up to write compelling albums, but they need to be fostered and supported first.  That’s where you come in.

**Update: I set up a new twitter account for the blog. Follow @DailyRiffage**


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