Admittedly, I’m behind the gun on Harvard.  Their debut album dropped in December, but I haven’t found a moment to let it connect.  Still – this band is vastly under-appreciated.  You owe it to yourself to sit back and have a listen.

It’s a particularly steamy evening in my apartment tonight.  I may go out later to an Irish pub, but for the moment I’m in one of those food induced comas where everything feels like it’s moving a little slower.  So here I sit, computer in my lap.  Bead of sweat forming on my brow.  And The Inevitable and I – specifically the song “What We Had” is the background music for the moment.

It’s the warbling sound of a Telecaster and a tremolo pedal that I notice first.  Then the piano – comping away under the jazz-club suited voice of Jesse Clasen.  They’ve been compared to Circa Survive, and most of that is due to the singing.  While he has similar timbre to Anthony Green, Clasen tends to reel it back more – rarely straining his voice past the redline – it’s more of an eerie, haunting vibe.

Even when the bridge hits – and everything swells to its loudest point – the song feels strangely calming.

So have a listen.  And let me know what you think.

**Update: I set up a new twitter account for the blog. Follow @DailyRiffage**


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