Seahaven releases debut EP

I was trolling AbsolutePunk this morning to see what albums were being released today.  I found this band Seahaven (“for fans of Brand New or Crime in Stereo”?  Ok, I’m listening), who happens to be releasing their debut EP, Ghost, today.

I checked out the band’s MySpace page and listened to two songs (I suggest you check out “Birds”)… Solid stuff.  If I could buy a download of the album, I’d post one of them here to stream – but instead it looks like I can only pre-order a physical copy of the CD from the band’s label, Creator Destructor at the present time.  (Pre-order is still up on the release date?  C’mon!)

I pulled the trigger and paid $10 for a copy of the EP.  Cuz I like helping bands that don’t suck.  And this band definitely doesn’t suck.

At the very least, you need to follow this band on Twitter and go see them when they get around to your neighborhood (right now, all of the shows are in California).


2 Responses to “Seahaven releases debut EP”

  1. The whole EP will be streaming online tomorrow at

    thank you for the support!

  2. […] – part III Soooo… This would be post #3 on the band Seahaven.  3 posts?  What makes this band worth 3 posts, you […]

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