Why isn’t Driver F huge yet?

I have seen a few people touting this band a little bit in forums on AbsolutePunk, but I didn’t care enough to actually give them a listen (it’s tough to sift through all the bad bands that get lumped in with the good ones on that site).

On a whim yesterday, I checked these guys out.  I gotta say – Driver F is awesome.  I listened to their latest album (2008’s Chase the White Whale) and it’s full of these great emo-punk tracks (think Taking Back Sunday, but more exciting songs with a much better vocalist).  They throw in these little drum fills or dramatic horn and keyboard parts, adding a little subtlety to the record that I’m not used to hearing from an unsigned band.

Here’s a self-produced music video for the track “Temple of Doom”.  The video’s a little silly, but the music is undeniably catchy.

Rumor is that these guys are working on a new album that should come out in 2010 sometime.  A label desperately needs to snatch this band up and put them on tour for the next 2 years of their young lives.  If the new material is anything like the Chase the White Whale, this band is poised to go places.


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