Pink Noise EP (Part 1)

Senior year of college, I got my first audio interface for my computer and I discovered the joys of home recording.  For some reason, in those days, it was a lot easier for me to complete entire songs.  I actually had about 5 or 6 demo tracks ready for some real drums and vocals but I never pursued the chance to record them with anyone.  I wanted to call the project “Pink Noise” after I heard the term in my audio engineering class (pink noise is like white noise, but more irritating – fitting).

Anyways, this was one of the tracks from Pink Noise days (tentatively titled “chill”).  A lot of the other tracks were faster and had more defined parts (verse, chorus, bridge) where this one kinda drones for a while.  The bass part in the song really carries it though and I still enjoy this track very much.  I was listening to a lot of Jimmy Eat World at the time and I think that probably shows.


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