Yay or Nay? – HeartSounds

Usually I like the be the one voicing my opinions around here… but today I’m more interested in some of your reactions.  I found this band, HeartSounds, a couple months ago when I was looking for a random album to burn a gift-card on.  After purchasing Until We Surrender, I didn’t really give the album much attention.  I’ve been coming back to it a little more lately though.

Some of the songs are catchy… but the girl singer’s voice is a little huskier than I’m used to.  There’s a definite punk rock vibe that I love, but more often than not the tracks kinda bleed together.  Also, the cover art uses a suspiciously similar color scheme as the Polar Bear Club’s album Sometimes Things Just Disappear (okay, that’s just totally nitpicking).  I dunno – give the title track a listen and let me know what you think about HeartSounds.


One Response to “Yay or Nay? – HeartSounds”

  1. alex baumler Says:

    ugh, i dont think i have ever listened to a record more than this one without forming an opinion. I picked it up last year and every other month i spin it for like a week straight, but still cant decide if its good or just a shameless homage to everything fat wreck. seeing as it has been over a year of indecision i am going to go with NOT GOOD as a final decision, its not bad just an amalgamation of every fat band circa 1993-2000 with a female voice thrown in (which is actually the most pleasing part of the record)

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