What happened to the Hush Sound?

I left my iPod at my friend Blake’s apartment before we went out on a classic late night tour through the East Village last Friday.  I was too exhausted on Sunday from being hungover all day Saturday to retrieve it, so I’ve spent the week without my essential assortment of tunes.  Ugh.

Today I was listening to some Hush Sound music via YouTube.  If you’re unfamiliar with the Hush Sound, they made three albums’ worth of these shimmery, parlor-style songs topped with harmonized girl-on-guy vocals.  I’ve always been partial to Greta Salpeter’s lead vocals – they remind me of Dusty Springfield (in that “the way you wish your mother would sound if she was singing you to sleep” sort of way).  But the band hasn’t released anything since early 2008 and I wondered if we’d be hearing something new from them anytime soon.

Sadly it appears that the Hush Sound is on hiatus (according to their MySpace page) but to my enjoyment, it also appears that Salpeter (well, now she’s Greta Morgan) has a solo venture called Gold Motel.  I listened to most of the EP on her Myspace page and from what I can tell – it’s still the best parts of the Hush Sound – infectious piano and guitar melodies and fat-bottomed bass lines complimenting Morgan’s honey-sweet voice.  Looks like Gold Motel is releasing a full length sometime in the next few months and they’re currently on a small club tour that actually hits Maxwell’s and the Mercury Lounge in early May!  You can bet that I’ll be at one of those.

To whet your appetite, here’s my favorite song off the Gold Motel EP – “The Cruel One”:


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