This week’s random band – Look Mexico

I’ve been playing too much Final Fantasy XIII this week to devote myself to blogging…

I did stumble across this totally sweet band yesterday though!  Look Mexico is a quintet from Florida that plays atmospheric music – sorta akin to Minus the Bear (without most of the effects and electronics).  Matt Agrella has a definitive twang in his voice that reminds me of the singer from Limbeck or Hot Rod Circuit.  They’re putting out a new album titled To Bed To Battle on March 23rd.  If you’re like me and you really dig this stuff, you can go here and pre-order the album or vinyl or just pay to download the mp3s (pre-ordering a physical copy gets you the 320kbps mp3s right away too!).

This is the band’s first single (or you can watch the video here):


One Response to “This week’s random band – Look Mexico”

  1. alex baumler Says:

    ha, we’re on similar wave lengths sir, all I’ve done this week is play ff XIII, and i picked up this record yesterday, this is eerie…..

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