The bar is set for twenty-ten

I had this contemplative intro written for this post about how it’s been a while since I’ve been excited about a new record, but I think I’ll scrap it.

Crime in Stereo is going to fistfuck 2010.  There.  That about does it.

I found Crime in Stereo in 2006 after they put out The Troubled Stateside, which was a great cd – and an answer to my pining for a band to fill the hole that the Movielife had created when they broke up.  Like the Movielife, they’re equal parts melody and raw aggression.

Two years ago, they put out Is Dead which was so much more than just a balls-to-the-wall punk rock album.  It was crafty and ambient – but it still had teeth.  As far as I can tell, it was almost universally critically acclaimed… More importantly, I freaking loved it.

Their new album I Was Trying To Describe You To Someone drops tomorrow.  I preordered the vinyl, so I was able to download the album last week – this track has been blowing my mind… Thought I’d share it.


3 Responses to “The bar is set for twenty-ten”

  1. Alex Baumler Says:

    Ahh, you Bastard! I missed the pre-order deadline for this record and now have to wait patiently the vinyl arrive in the mail. From the 3 songs i’ve heard this record tops anything they’ve every done, I’m so glad they’ve gone the brand new route and bring something completely different to their sound record after record. Either way this record might be THE record of the year and its only February.

  2. My bleeding anus is the first victim of this fist you’re talking about. I made the mistake of writing these guys off a ways back due to a crappy 3-song sampler I was given. And their show I caught last fall didn’t change my mind. Now I’m paying the price. Blood, all over the sheets, dude.

  3. […] rock band (part 1) Crime In Stereo broke up this week, just months after releasing one of the most captivating albums of their career – and one of the best of […]

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