Friends that have more talent than me (Part 3)

Kap10kurt - Crusader of electrofunk.

The thing about working in the music industry is that everyone seems to lead a double life.  For instance, I just found out that one of my co-workers used to play piano and sing backup in Kevin Devine’s Goddamn Band (running the same circles with Brand New) and her husband does the production on all Kevin Devine’s records.  One of my other co-workers fronts a pretty legit alternative rock outfit. And then there’s Kurt Uenala, euro-electropop-maestro extraordinaire.

Kurt works in the media production group at Sony… and while I always knew he had an affinity for electronic music – I had no idea that his own jams were so funky!  He’s done production work and remixes for bands like the Raveonettes and Depeche Mode before, so I shouldn’t be all that surprised.

This is a Kap10Kurt (his band) original, titled “Dangerseeker”.  The hook on this song is fucking huge… and even the video is first-rate!  Looking forward to an entire album of this stuff in the near future.


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