You’d prefer a DJ


"Loretta" (one of my American Standards) got some shiny new strings and a healthy dose of recording.

Last year over the holiday break, my friends Ryan and Blake helped me record a song (Ryan is a killer pianist.  Blake is one of the few drummers I prefer to jam with).  Our goal was to write this 5+ minute epic track.  We had this great idea for a bridge and it turned out that a song I was working on over the summer was in the same key.  We combined them and I think it really turned out great.  When I returned from break and asked Ryan to send me the track, it seemed that we actually lost all the drums.  That was deflating – and the song never really sounded complete.

Yesterday, I just sorta got an itch to re-record the song and use some sample drums to fill the voids.  I changed a few parts around and eliminated all acoustic guitars from the song as well.  I hoisted Ryan’s original piano line from the bridge from the old recording and added it to this newer version.  I also changed Loretta’s strings yesterday, so it was a productive day all around!  

My friend Justin (Ryan’s brother and the singer in my old band) was working on vocals to this song for a while – maybe that’s something we’ll work on over this holiday break!  

Here’s the latest re-recording of a song I call “You’d Prefer a DJ”.  Excuse the disjointed drums.  Let me know what you think! 


One Response to “You’d prefer a DJ”

  1. ah yes, this thing you play all the time.

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