Multi-Colored Christmas Lights

Nothing puts me in the holiday spirit like PBR and scarves... and hi-fives.

I love Christmas songs.  I fall into the category of people who start to listen to holiday music shortly after Labor Day – I know its annoying.

A couple years ago, I set out to write a Christmas song.  For the longest time I had like 90% of it done, I could just never settle on an ending.  I lost all motivation after the holiday season of 2007.  Then yesterday, I remembered that I still had the Garageband file on my computer and I decided to finish the jam.

So… Here’s a holiday tune that I call “Multi-Colored Chistmas Lights”.


2 Responses to “Multi-Colored Christmas Lights”

  1. annnnnd one disheveled grippi!

  2. I liked it Steve….
    and of course…the picture….much like your facebook profile…
    What’s not to be proud?

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