Friends that have more talent than me (part 2)

I was working at the front desk of the Days Inn in State College the summer after my senior year of college.  I was taking two or three classes in order to graduate and I was also doing an internship at the time at one of the radio stations in the area.  One would think that summer in State College would be very quiet, but what most people don’t know is that the university generally books a lot of large conferences, sports championships or tours for prospective students during the summer months.  Hotels are usually still pretty busy (especially the Days Inn because its one of the only hotels downtown).  Most weeks I was surrounded by teenage softball players.

One week there was a big psychology conference (I think) scheduled and the guests had rooms blocked off at the Days Inn.  The university gave us information packets to hand out to the members.  That’s how I first met Nejra Besic.  Any time she would come down to the front desk, I would say “hi” or try to strike up a conversation because I really liked her accent (I’m a sucker for a cute girl with an accent).  We even hung out a couple times after work and I found out that she had a band back in Sweden.  When she left state college, we kept in touch periodically through emails.

Then one day at work (years later), I was checking out her songs on Myspace when I saw that she had signed to RCA records in Sweden (RCA is part of Sony Music, where I work).  I immediately searched our database of songs and indeed, her first single was in there!  She let me know that she’d be releasing a full album in the next few months.  Awesome!  She sent me some of the demos for the album and they were really great.  Kind of a mix between Jewel and Annie Lennox.  

Well… as labels sometimes do, they shelved the album.  Nejra was eventually released from her contract and there was a long period where the album was just dead in the water.  This was probably in 2007.  She finally self-released the album earlier this year in Europe.  It hasn’t been released in the states yet, but she was kind enough to send me a copy.  I’m adding my favorite song “Our Lovely Friend Luck” below, so take a listen and let me know what you think!  


One Response to “Friends that have more talent than me (part 2)”

  1. Ok, a colleague of mine stumbled across this blog and sent it to me. I was pleasantly surprised. You’re a sweetheart, Steve! Take care/Nejra

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