I can’t help it…

Look, I know there are a lot of people who are going to completely disagree (my girlfriend and roommate, for example) but I think John Mayer is awesome. His last two albums have been classics… And he’s one of the few young, mainstream artists that makes me want to grab a guitar whenever I see him perform.  Tonight I had the opportunity to see him at the Beacon Theatre (Thanks again, Candice!) but had to settle for catching the show live on Fuse.  I won’t belabor this post, but the man can wail, and I admire his appreciation for the craft of songwriting.  He also has some major R&B influences (Check out the neo-soul inspired “Assassin” on his new album) and a killer rhythm section.  The show looked amazing and I seriously regret not going to see him play!


One Response to “I can’t help it…”

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