Happy Birthday Meghan Burr!

Meg is always the consummate "ray of sunshine"!

Today is Meghan Mary Burr’s 26th birthday.  She is one of my top 10 favorite people in the world.  That’s one less spot in my top 10 for you.

We met in 6th grade and immediately hated each other’s guts.  Later that year, we were dismayed to discover that our friends cast us as love interests in our group project to remake “The Emporer’s New Clothes”.

In highschool, we had all the same friends, so our mutual hostility was forced to subside.  In fact, I even went to a Homecoming dance with Meg once.  When I finally mustered up the courage to ask her to the dance, she graciously replied, “What took you so long?!”  From the moment I showed up at her parents house with bleached hair and a silver rented tux, I forever endeared myself to her family.

Our bond was forged through a shared love of Sting and “Hint of Lime” Tostitos.  During my first couple years in New York, she talked to my dad and stepmom more often than I did (admittedly, she was their Redbull pusher, so I can kind of justify that).  Every couple years, we’ll get ourselves into some sort of spat where we don’t talk to each other for weeks or months.  It keeps things fresh.

Happy Birthday, Meg!


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