Days Away

Been listening to a lot of Days Away today.

This is one of those bands I’ve followed for what seems like a really long time.  I used to love their song “She Knows My Name” back when I was like 17 and they were on We The People records.  Then they took forever to release their mindblowing album Mapping An Invisible World on Fueled By Ramen.  The band self-released another incredible EP and then disbanded in 2007.

Keith, the singer, and Tim, the drummer, formed Good Old War – which my friend Justin and I had the fortune of seeing at the Rechter Theatre in Towson, MD a few holiday seasons ago.  Their debut album is actually doing quite well, which is pleasantly surprising because it’s great music.  I think I’ll always prefer Days Away though… They were just so lush and full sounding.

Here’s their demo version of “Keep Your Voices Down” which was rerecorded for Mapping and Invisible World, but I tend to like this faster, louder version a little better.


One Response to “Days Away”

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    John 4:12

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