It’s a guitar I’ll have to grow into

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Rachel.


Affectionately named after my first crush from day-care, "Rachel" is the latest addition to my telecaster collection.

I had been searching for an American Deluxe Telecaster for a while when I stumbled across this guitar on the Pianos N’ Stuff used gear website in July.  The price was right and I admittedly have a problem with impulse purchasing.

So here I am with my third telecaster.  To be fair, this one has a little switch that puts the two pickups in parallel and that makes it sound slightly different…

And the other two are exactly the same aside from the color.

So why do I like telecasters so much?  I don’t know that I have a great answer.  I certainly don’t play country music.  It’s not like I have an assortment of other types of guitars to compare, so I can’t tell you that I wouldn’t prefer a Les Paul or a Gretsch.  The bottom line is that I always just thought they were cool looking guitars for punk rock.

As I get older, I find myself trying to get more out of my guitar than just wailing on some power chords… but I’m not remotely talented enough to crack off a soaring, face-melting solo.  That’s why I get along with telecasters.  I don’t even think you CAN solo on a tele.  My newest guitar clip is just an example of how my playing is starting to mold to the guitar… 


One Response to “It’s a guitar I’ll have to grow into”

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    Psalm 139:19-22

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